Çerez Örnek

Department of Drug Abuse

Ege University Institute on Drug Abuse, Toxicology, and Pharmaceutical Science is the first foundation that formed graduate programmes on addiction studies in Turkey. Department of Drug Abuse, founded in 2010, established a base for these programmes to be opened. Fundamental aim of ongoing programmes in our department is making individuals to comprehend the general overview of addiction in accordance with their undergraduate backgrounds.

Addiction is a health problem. Nevertheless, it can also cause legal problems. It has effects on social life of individuals which directly influences social order. Therefore, neither research nor resolve attempts of single profession yield successful results. Multidisciplinary platforms are needed in our country, as in the case with worldwide, concerning addiction. Department of Drug Abuse is an important initiative to meet this need and by formation of similar departments in other universities, needed specialists will start to work in this area.

Health sciences, social sciences, and basic sciences work together in the Department of Drug Abuse. Every staff participates in education, research, and/or services in dimensions of addiction regarding to their undergraduate background and set a good example on multidisciplinary work environment.

Faculty members of health, natural, and social sciences assigned in education programs in the department.


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