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Institute on Drug Abuse, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Science

Department of Addiction Toxicology

Drug abuse has become main concern in our country as well as being a worldwide problem. Especially, forensic and toxicological extents of addictive substances accompany several issues and give uttermost importance to laboratories that analyse these substances. Department of Addiction Toxicology works towards solutions in cooperation with related national and international foundations for regulations in every field that is affected by the issue, in determination of national policies, and to carry into action for short and long term applications in this field in parallel with the developments worldwide.

Master’ Degree in Addiction Toxicology started in 2012-2013 academic year under Department of Drug Abuse. In 2013, Addiction Toxicology was formed as separate departments which have strengthen academic studies on toxicology.

Analysis of ethanol (ethyl glucuronide), methanol, cocaine, amphetamine (and variants), opiates, benzodiazepines, cannabinoids (including synthetic) are being carried out by ;

  • Detection
  • Identification
  • Quantitation
  • Confirmation
  • Interpretation

Our department is actively working on standardization of laboratories, education of personnel by following instructions of EWDTS, IFDAT, and TIAFT, developing appropriate systems suitable for the needs of our country. We work in collaboration with, Forensic Medicine Association (Department of Justice), Society of Forensic Medicine Specialists, and Turkish Society of Pharmacology/Clinical Toxicology Work Group.