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Community-Based Protection, Treatment and Support Studies in Substance Addiction (2014)
In cooperation with Ege University Institute of Substance Abuse, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Sciences (BATI) and New York State University at Albany (SUNY), the "Community-Based Protection, Treatment and Support Studies in Substance Addiction" training was held at Ege University on 3-6 November 2014. From NewYork State University at Albany (SUNY), who has important studies in the field of addiction, Assoc. Arash Alaei, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sofuoğlu from Yale University, Prof. Robert Heimer, Prof.Dr.Frederick Altice, Associate Prof. Dr. Marek Chawarski and Ege University BATI Institute Prof. Dr. Hakan Coşkunol, Assoc. A.Ender Altıntoprak, Specialist Dr. Ebru Aldemir and Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Diseases. 130 people, consisting of physicians, nurses, psychologists, sociologists and social workers, attended the training given by Associate Professor Zeki Yüncü, a faculty member, for 4 days. The language of instruction is English and Turkish, with simultaneous translation.
The training included tobacco, alcohol and substance addiction, comorbidity in addiction, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy methods, the relationship between HIV infection and substance use and treatment methods, legal regulations regarding addiction in Turkey, and statistical results in the field of addiction.
Requests were received from the participants for the training to be carried out in other parts of Turkey as well, and attempts will be made to plan the program.
Addiction Course (2010)
It is a 2-day course that can be attended by people who are qualified in the field of Health Sciences working on addiction. In addition to clinical approaches to addiction, biological, toxicological, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic approaches are also discussed. The language of instruction is English.
Speakers: Eliot Lawrence Gardner, Marilyn A.Huestis, Michael J.Kuhar, Cora Lee Wetherington, Ratna Sircar, William W.Katimer, Şakire Pöğün, Hakan Coşkunol, Ender Altıntoprak, Serap A.Akgür, Zeki Yüncü, Görkem Yararbaş
SRNT-e Course (2010)
Methodology of Clinical Research in Smoking and Setting Up and Running Specialist Smoking Cessation Service
On 15-18 December 2010, a training for medical doctors was organized in cooperation with Ege University Institute of Substance Abuse, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Sciences (BATI) and SRNT-E (Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco - Europe).
In the training, the most up-to-date and valid information on clinical research methodology and smoking cessation treatments were conveyed by expert foreign scientists. In the event attended by 7 foreign speakers, a group of 50 people was given English training.
Participating speakers:
Ivan Berlin, Karl O. Fagerstrom, Jaakko Kaprio, Tellervo Korhonen, Eva Kralikova, Philip Tonnesen, Robert West, Hüseyin İLTER, Hakan COŞKUNOL
The organizers of the training were Prof.Dr.Hakan Coşkunol (BATI Ens Manager), Prof.Dr. Şakire Pöğün (Head of SRNT-E) and Specialist Dr. Görkem Yararbaş (BATI Ens).
Workshop on Demand Reduction (2010)
Workshop on Demand Reduction for Specialists Working in the Field of Treatment / Social Reintegration
Purpose of the activity:
a) Short-term experts will examine the treatment situation in Izmir in the light of input from their Turkish colleagues.
b) The situation in Greece regarding different treatment modalities and types will be presented and discussed.
c) New developments in the field and priorities of the European Union will be addressed and discussed.
d) The objectives of the second visit to be held in the upcoming period will be discussed.
e) The importance of the eddra database will be emphasized in order to increase the visibility of best practices and quality treatment programs carried out in İzmir at the European level.
f) How TUBİM can contribute to fulfilling its obligations to the EMCDDA will be discussed (other experts in Izmir)

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