Institute on Drug Abuse, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Science

8th National Congress on Alcohol and Substance Addiction (2013)

Presentations about family, school and workplace substance using were presented in 8th National Congress on Alcohol and Substance Addiction. The general approach in the sessions was on the scientific studies of alcohol and substance. In addition, public policies on addictions include substance use and prevention programs in adolescents, campaigns related to addictions, domestic and international projects, and cigarette, alcohol and substance practices in workplaces were discussed. The majority of the participant organizations have made their evaluations on these researches by highlighting their research in their region. International Symposium on Workplace and Substance Use was organized on 4th day of the congress.


  • Addiction with Three Dimensions (Family, School and Workplace)
  • A short addiction history of Turkey
  • Community Based Mental Health Service in Addiction
  • Addiction and Society Photography Exhibition Opening
  • Drug Use and Preventive Programs in Adolescents
  • Addiction Nursing in Turkey and the world
  • Smoking, alcohol and substance use problems among high school students in Istanbul
  • Risky Behavior Characteristics of Akdeniz University Students
  • Prevalence of Risky Behaviors in Ege University Students
  • New Pharmacological Approaches in Smoking
  • Basic Science Studies in Addiction
  • Public Awareness in Substance Addiction, Communication Skills and Campaign Management
  • Siirt Academy: An Example Project in the Prevention of Addiction
  • Substance Use among Employees in Transportation Sector: Medical, Toxicological, Ethics, Legal, Social Dimension
  • Substance Use in Health and Other Sectors