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The aim of the master's program with thesis is; To enable the student to gain the competence of accessing, evaluating and interpreting information by conducting scientific research.
The program consists of 120 ECTS credits, including at least 7 courses, a seminar course, a specialist field course and a thesis work, with not less than 21 local credits.
Course success grades must be at least 2.00 out of 4.00 (CC as letters).
Seminar course and thesis work are evaluated as successful or unsuccessful.
The duration of the master's program with thesis, excluding the time spent in scientific preparation, is four semesters, starting from the semester in which the courses related to the program they are enrolled in, regardless of whether they are registered for each semester, and the program is completed in a maximum of six semesters.
At the end of four semesters, those who cannot successfully complete the credit courses and seminar course in the curriculum or cannot fulfill the success conditions/criteria stipulated by the higher education institution within this period; The student who fails in the thesis study or does not defend the thesis within the maximum period is dismissed from the higher education institution.
The student can complete the program in 3 semesters with the reasoned recommendation of the relevant department board and the decision of the Institute Administrative Board, provided that they carry out the thesis for at least 2 semesters.
Those who are entitled to register are the main candidates; They apply to the E.U DEPARTMENT OF STUDENT AFFAIRS together with the documents requested in the advertisement and the candidate number obtained from the internet registration medium. If the main candidate is not registered on the specified dates, the reserve candidate is entitled to be registered.
E.U. Student Affairs Department Head. Website
After the student is registered, an advisor is determined by the relevant department board within 15 days.
The duty of the consultant; To determine the courses that the student will take during his education, to monitor the attendance and educational status of these courses by giving registration renewal approval, to manage the thesis work, to mediate in relations with the administration when necessary, to deal with other academic problems.
The student has to register electronically via the Aegean Information Management System (EBYS) between the dates specified for the fall and spring semesters in the academic calendar announced for each academic year.
During the registration phase, the student has to register for the courses of the semester included in the curriculum of the program he/she is enrolled in, if he/she is in the course period, and for the thesis study if he/she is in the thesis period. In order for the registration to be finalized, the Advisor's Approval is required within the registration dates.
In the second week of each semester, with the approval of the advisor, adding and deleting courses can be done electronically via EBYS.
Ege University Login with Single Password > Ege Information Management System (EBYS)
It is not possible to re-register and choose courses outside of these dates.
By using the Thesis Proposal Form, the student prepares the necessary information such as the title, purpose, hypothesis, materials and methods of the thesis and presents it to his/her advisor for approval.
Thesis Proposal Form
The advisor conveys the student's thesis topic to the Institute Directorate via the head of the department until the end of the 2nd semester at the latest. The thesis topic is finalized with the approval of the Graduate School Administrative Board.
The student carries out the thesis work with the support of his/her advisor during the graduate process.
The student is obliged to write the thesis in accordance with the SBE-Thesis Writing Guide.
SBE - Thesis Writing Guide
Plagiarism.org - It is the website that contains general information, examples and applications about citation, attribution rules and plagiarism.
The graduate thesis jury is appointed with the recommendation of the advisor and the head of the relevant institute department and the approval of the institute board of directors. The jury consists of 3 or 5 faculty members, one of whom is the student's advisor and at least one is from outside the University.
The printed thesis is delivered to the institute by hand. In addition, the thesis is sent to the Graduate School via EDYS through the Department so that the originality report can be obtained.
The Institute prepares the Thesis Originality Report via Turnitin software and forwards it to the Jury Members.
Advisors can work on the text before the final submission by scanning the thesis with Turnitin before submission to the institute and giving feedback to the student through analogies.
SBE - Turnitin User Guide for Consultants
Thesis Formal Checklist
The Graduate School Administrative Board determines the date, time and place for the thesis defense exam.
The thesis defense exam is held within 1 month at the latest, following the decision of the institute board of directors.
The members of the jury prepare their personal reports on the unbound or digital copy of the thesis and the thesis originality report until the thesis defense exam date and take the student to the thesis defense exam.
The exam is between 45 and 90 minutes and consists of the presentation of the thesis and the following question-answer sections. Thesis defense meetings are open to the participation of lecturers, graduate students and experts in the field.
Master's Thesis Defense Exam Minutes
The student whose thesis is rejected as unsuccessful is dismissed from the higher education institution. The student, whose thesis is decided to be corrected, defends the corrected thesis again in front of the same jury within three months at the latest. At the end of this defense, the student who is found unsuccessful and whose thesis is not accepted is dismissed from the higher education institution.
Provided that he is successful in the thesis exam and meets the other conditions required for graduation determined by the senate, the student submits all the documents announced by the institute and required for graduation. The student who fulfills the requirements for graduation is entitled to receive a Graduate Diploma with the decision of the Graduate School Administrative Board.

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